New Mexico Doctor Is Shattering the Gender Orgasm Gap

DrRath2011New Mexico Doctor Is Shattering the Gender Orgasm Gap: Helping Women Go to the Party at Least 90% of the Time

And He’s Doing It All with Your Own Fat Cells, Which Women Are Happy to Repurpose from Their Bellies to Their Vaginas

Ruidoso, New Mexico, May 21, 2017: Female Sexual Dysfunction, Anorgasmia, Urinary Incontinence: once considered taboo topics only discussed with close girlfriends, simple solutions for female sexual problems and urinary leakage are becoming more widely pursued in doctor’s offices across the country. Fortunately, women no longer have to live with the effects of age, childbirth and a socially-accepted norm that reaching orgasm “every now and then” is sufficient!

A unique medical practice in New Mexico is tackling the problem of female sexual dysfunction and urinary leakage head on with a ground breaking medical technique aimed to give women the pleasurable experiences they (often secretly) desire!

At Fusion Medical Spa & Wellness in Ruidoso, New Mexico, Dr. Stephen A. Rath is turning to the very latest in non-surgical aesthetic medicine to address sexual concerns for women. Dr. Rath is one of the country’s premier providers of Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection (ALMI). This ground breaking procedure allows Dr. Rath to use a patient’s own adipose (fat) tissue to restore volume, texture, tone and sensation to the vaginal area. This revolutionary rejuvenation procedure restores function, while repairing and regenerating damaged tissue.  

During the ALMI procedure done in office at Fusion Medical Spa & Wellness, the fat tissue is typically collected from the lower abdomen in less than 30 minutes and processed through specialized equipment, which micronizes and activates stem cells and growth factors. Coupled with the self-healing power of platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the patient’s blood, the fat tissue is injected into targeted areas of the vaginal area, according to patient needs. Urinary leakage, prolapse of the bladder walls, and decreased ability to reach sexual arousal are areas of greatest concern to patients at Fusion Medical Spa & Wellness. Of the women treated with the ALMI O-Shot by Dr. Rath, an unprecedented 100% have reported an increase in orgasm during subsequent sexual encounters, with most women also reporting having reached orgasm at least 90% of the time which is always Dr. Rath’s goal in treating women struggling with sexual dysfunction in his practice!

As the stem cell-rich adipose tissue, PRP and growth factors stimulate collagen, blood vessels and tissue at the site of injection, results are expected to be long term. Additionally, because Dr. Rath injects with both function and aesthetics in mind, patients at Fusion Medical Spa & Wellness can expect the added benefit of an immediate volumizing effect within, as well as outside the delicate vaginal area. This additional volume is also expected to last, as the surrounding tissue regenerates from the stem cell-rich injections. Patients struggling with urinary incontinence have reported a loss of the need to wear panty liners since receiving the ALMI O-Shot by Dr. Rath – a freedom for which these women cannot thank him enough!

Dr. Rath offers this highly innovative approach as one element of a comprehensive medical program designed to achieve whole-body wellness through functional and integrative medicine. More than just a “run-of-the-mill med spa”, Fusion Medical Spa & Wellness is a concierge medical practice integrating a wide range of medical and aesthetic specialties, including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss, as well as anti-aging and aesthetic treatment options.  

Dr. Stephen A. Rath is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist who focuses on cutting-edge aesthetic, functional, and integrative medicine with a unique focus on sexual health. He is a consulting physician to Allergan for their entire portfolio of injectable rejuvenation treatments, including Botox, Kybella and their newest injectable, Allure. Dr. Rath is a certified trainer for The Vampire Facelift®, ALMI and regenerative orthopedics and sports medicine. Unlike most medical spas, Fusion Medical Spa & Wellness offers anesthesia and sedation for all non-surgical procedures, part of Dr. Rath’s continued commitment to prioritize patient health, well-being and safety.  

If you would like more information about Dr. Stephen A. Rath’s cutting-edge approach to women’s sexual health or on the functional and aesthetic medicine offered at Fusion Medical Spa & Wellness, please contact Dr. Rath at 855.257.4SPA (4772) or