BTL Emsella

What is BTL Emsella?

Childbirth, menopause, and the aging process can all lead to urinary incontinence in women. For many, this is an uncomfortable and often embarrassing issue that can interfere with your quality of life. BTL EMSELLA is an attractive option for women of any age seeking a solution for urinary incontinence without surgery or invasive procedures. It is a completely non-invasive treatment performed as an outpatient procedure that helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles quickly. This is important because the pelvic floor muscles are responsible for supporting the pelvic organs and affect bladder control.

BTL Emsella uses the power of electromagnetic stimulation to strengthen weak pelvic muscles and restore neuromuscular control in the area. Stimulating the pelvic floor helps the patient regain control over their pelvic floor muscles and their bladder.

In order to achieve optimal results with this treatment, you must work with an experienced and qualified practitioner. Dr. Stephan A. Rath is a lead physician at Fusion Medical Spa and is dedicated to keeping up with the latest developments in non-surgical procedures. He is helping many women get the treatment they need for urinary incontinence with one of the latest breakthrough treatments in intimate health and wellness.

BTL Emsella Procedure and Results

BTL Emsella was designed to treat the entire pelvic floor by delivering thousands of contractions to the area per treatment session. Patients sit in a chair that uses electromagnetic technology to engage all the muscles around the pelvic area at the same time. It is best described as a forced and controlled kegel exercise.

The treatment itself is fairly straightforward and is not painful in any way. Most patients report experiencing a tingling sensation and contractions in the pelvic floor muscles during the procedure. There are no side effects and you can resume regular activities immediately after treatment.

A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes and you remain fully clothed throughout the procedure. Most patients need about 6 sessions, scheduled twice a week, to achieve the best result. Still, many patients feel a noticeable improvement after their first session and will see continual improvement over the following few weeks.


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Dr. Rath understands that incontinence can be a sensitive issue for many women and those suffering from the condition may be searching for a non-invasive treatment option. He will take the time to learn about your concerns and prepare a treatment plan that will help improve your quality of life by treating urinary continence without surgery.

Dr. Rath and his experience team have created a warm and welcoming spa environment where you can feel comfortable and relaxed throughout treatment. If you are interested in learning more how BTL Emsella can treat urinary incontinence and improve your self-confidence, please contact our office today. We look forward to scheduling your private and confidential consultation with Dr. Rath.