1st Blog Entry

This is my first attempt at blogging. From the other blogs I have read, it doesn’t look like there is a cut-and-dried method of blog writing, so please let me know if I am irritating the great blog guru.
I have always enjoyed writing as a recreational outlet, as well as sharing my view of the world, medicine, etc…

Allow me to introduce myself. Dr Stephen Rath, 3rd generation physician and a lefty. I had to become facile with typing due to penmanship that was apparently genetically cursed. I am a 24 year military veteran, 6 years active duty Army as a scout helicopter crewchief/mechanic, paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne, and combat lifesaver with an additional 13 years in the Army Reserve or Guard before I saw the light and converted to the Air Force after 19 years. Apparently I’m a slow learner, but I finally figured out the Air Force treats folks better! Since my conversion, I have learned that it is a true emergency when the air conditioner in the tent dies! In the Air Force I am a Flight Surgeon currently serving as the Chief of Flight Medicine for the 150th Special Operations Wing of the New Mexico Air National Guard. Division medical advisor for the National Ski Patrol, ski patroller, FAA Aviation Medical Examiner, paramedic, pilot, husband of one and father of two to round me out. Thirteen years as an enlisted member before I commissioned, so I am classified as a Mustang. Time spent cleaning latrines, KP duty, and off-duty time spent delivering pizza. So, there are very few people that I can’t identify with. I am also aware that I ended the last sentence with a preposition. My blog, and I don’t think an archaic rule from the Latin is applicable!

First entry finished. This seems to be a good medium to use to post newspaper articles I’ve written in the past, so expect to see those. You can also expect to see some irreverent and humorous articles. I’m no Mark Twain, but I do think seeing the funny things in life and embracing them makes sense. Just like the radio show that I intermittently co-host, I appreciate audience participation. Have a question? Send it. I never appreciated having smoke blown up my 4th point of contact (Google the term) and I won’t do it to anyone else. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll let you know.

– Doc Rath