Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Permanence is the principal defining characteristic of a tattoo. However, cosmetic preferences often evolve over the years, and the picture or words that were etched into our skin with such conviction can become a source of embarrassment in the future. Moreover, tattoos can hamper the accomplishment of one’s career goals, as many employers have alluded to visible ink as being undesirable in the hiring process, or as a potential impediment to achieving a promotion.

Previous tattoo removal techniques were both unreliable and painful, often permanently damaging the patient’s skin. Fortunately, tattoo removal methods have progressed dramatically over the past few years, and now incorporate advanced laser technologies to safely and comfortably ‘de-ink’ patients who would like their tattoos removed.

At Fusion Medical Spa, located in beautiful Ruidoso, New Mexico, Dr. Stephen A. Rath utilizes the cutting edge Palomar QYag 5 Laser system to efficiently eliminate unwanted tattoos and other pigmented lesions. The QYag 5 Laser has a proven reputation as an effective treatment option to facilitate comfortable tattoo removal for patients who have become dissatisfied with their current tattoos.

As a direct result of the advanced integration of Nd:YAG laser technology, the QYag 5 Laser is able to search for contrasting pigmentation between skin tone and ink. The laser then directs intensely pulsating heat energy at the skin to shatter the ink into particles small enough for the lymphatic to easily absorb.

Ensuring your comfort and safety throughout your tattoo removal experience is the primary concern of every Fusion Medical Spa staff member, and we will administer topical numbing creams, injectable local anesthetics, and ice prior to your laser tattoo removal session to minimize any pain or tenderness.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Rath will assess the color, size, and placement of your tattoo(s) before providing you with an accurate tattoo removal cost estimate. Tattoos generally fall into one of four size classifications:

  • Small Tattoo: 1″x1″ to 2×2”
  • Medium Tattoo: 2″x5″ to 3″x5″
  • Large Tattoo: 4″x4″ to 5″x5″
  • Tattoos larger than 5″x5″ will require specialized quotes with consideration to their size, color and placement on the body

Patience will be important during your tattoo removal process, as the complete and permanent removal of your tattoos will likely require multiple sessions spaced approximately 8 weeks apart. It is important to keep in mind that the treatment duration and success will depend upon a number of factors, such as: skin tone, tattoo color, and tattoo size. Even the most advanced tattoo removal techniques may not be 100% effective for every patient. Grey and black tattoos are typically easier to remove than color tattoos, and fair-skinned patients usually require fewer tattoo removal sessions than patients with darker skin.

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Dr. Rath understands the importance of individual customization when performing aesthetic enhancement treatments in a medical spa setting. He eschews the “cookie cutter” approach adopted by many med spas, and instead takes the necessary time to listen to your specific cosmetic and health-related goals before creating a treatment plan designed to safely and effectively fulfill those objectives.

Dr. Rath and his professionally trained staff have worked hard to create a warm, welcoming office environment, where you will feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your laser tattoo removal experience. If you are interested in learning more about the laser tattoo removal options offered at Fusion Medical Spa, please contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Rath.