Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal Rejuvenation

Advanced Labial and Vaginal Tightening with BTL ULTRA Femme 360

Many women feel their sexual experience is compromised because of the size, looseness, and appearance of the vaginal area. Vaginal rejuvenation with the BTL ULTRA Femme 360 is a non-surgical solution for women who are considering a vaginoplasty or labiaplasty procedure. We can perform tightening and labia reduction using a single device right in our office and you can look forward to enjoying lasting results.

How Ultra Femme 360 Works

The Ultra Femme 360 is a safe, proven, and effective procedure that can remodel the labia and tighten loose tissues with no pain or discomfort. This innovative system works by increasing collagen production in those delicate areas and restoring the vagina and vulva to a more youthful state. It’s scientifically proven to significantly improve the appearance of the vaginal area and improve sexual satisfaction.

We can restore several areas around the vulva and vagina using the BLT ULTRA Femme 360 technology with the goal being a high level of collagen remodeling. Treatment sessions usually last about 20 to 30 minutes and on anesthesia is required.

When treating the labia major or labia minora, the procedure involves applying radio frequency energy to the treatment area to stimulate collagen synthesis and restore healthy blood flow. Thermal energy triggers collagen production and increases blood flow to the tissues around the pubic area. Treatment of the vaginal canal involves inserting a special attachment into the vaginal canal and emitting radio frequency energy into the canal to stimulate collagen production and lubrication.

Benefits of Ultra Femme 360

The Ultra Femme 360 procedure can be especially effective for women who have had multiple children, experience vaginal dryness, or have difficulty achieving an orgasm. Some of the most significant benefits of vaginal rejuvenation with the BTL Ultra Femme 360 include:

  • No recovery time or downtime
  • No scars and incisions
  • Plumping the labia majora
  • Firming, tightening and lifting the labia minora
  • Tightening the vaginal opening and/or vaginal canal
  • Increasing blood flow to the clitoris
  • Improving orgasms
  • Improving stress incontinence
  • Tightening perineal looseness caused by childbirth

Most patients need to undergo a series of four sessions spaced one to two weeks apart to achieve the best results. Results can be felt immediately but most achieve full results four weeks after the last session as the collagen continues to rebuild. A once-a-year maintenance treatment is recommended

If you think you may be a candidate for Ultra Femme 360 or are interested in learning more, schedule your consultation at Fusion Medical Spa today.