BTL Exilis Ultra 360

Tighten the Skin and Look Years Younger with BTL Exilis™

If you’re concerned about loose skin around the face or the body, skin tightening treatments using ultrasound therapy can help restore your youthful looks. The BTL Exilis device combines radio frequency energy and ultrasound to trigger collagen production at a deeper level than other treatments. This advanced technology is an effective, non-surgical solution for the face and the body.

How BTL Exilis Works

Tightening the skin as we get older is always a challenge which is why many therapies and protocols focus on boosting collagen. Collagen is what helps the skin maintain its firm, tight, and youthful appearance.We lose collagen as we age and collagen loss is what causes sagging skin, wrinkles, and looseness. The BTL Exilis system uses radio frequency and ultrasound energies to treat the tissues at a very deep level and trigger collagen production.

What sets Exilis apart from other procedures is this technology has a built-in cooling mechanism. This makes it safer and tolerable to patients of all skin types. In addition, the BTL Exilis device can target tissues with a high degree of precision. The procedure itself involves passing a hand-piece over the treatment area so the skin can absorb the energy waves. It’s a painless treatment that many patients describe as a hot stone massage. You can resume your regular activities immediately after the procedure and will notice results weeks and months after treatment.

Benefits of BTL Exilis

Many patients enjoy the fact that they can get incredible results without surgery. Benefits of the BTL Exilis Ultra 360 include:

  • No anesthesia required
  • No scars or bleeding
  • Feels like a pain-free hot stone massage
  • Only requires 2 to 4 treatments
  • Treatments take about 15 to 30 minutes
  • Can return to activities immediately
  • Progressive results over 3 months after final treatment

If you want to restore your youthful look, talk to us about BTL Exilis Ultra 360. Schedule your BTL Exilis consultation at Fusion Medical Spa today.